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2018-09-05 13:45 - Events

LD#42 results: RoboCoup praised for its art

Three weeks ago, I told you about my entry for the 42th Ludum Dare game jam. After having reviewed each other’s games, the grades and rankings have been published.

Here are my rankings for each category (in Compo) :

Catégory Ranking (/1056) Average
Overall 262 3.542
Fun 482 3.020
Innovation 176 3.542
Theme 617 2.917
Graphics 30 4.180
Audio 445 2.667
Humor 131 3.152
Mood 105 3.542

My overall score is in the first quarter of the leaderboard, and the graphics which were my major goal in this jam made it in the top 30!! I’m also really satisfied with the ranking in the innovation category, which is important to me and validates my uncommon idea.

Goals for next jam: another innovative entry with nice color graphics? Anyway, I’ll keep you in touch ;)

Cover picture made with assets from Freepik.

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