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2019-05-22 00:40 - Technical

New shader: Star Wars jump to lightspeed

Just a quick update to show you my last shader created on ShaderToy: the jump to lightspeed effect in Star Wars.

The existing shaders that I have found rely on geometry, which is very slow when you only have a pixel shader like in ShaderToy, and no proper vertex or geometry shader. So I based this implementation on noise. The idea is to emulate the stars by selecting the high values in simplex noise (a kind of noise which artefacts are all about the same size), and to allow the stretching effect and the acceleration I used the radius to the center a coordinate of the noise (and tweak it in function of the time). A fairly simple idea but a looot of calibration to make it work.

You can check the shader there:
Once again, it might not work properly on mobile phones and computers with old GPUs.

For my next shader I’m on something big… if I have the courage to do it.

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