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2019-04-29 21:14 - Events

Ludum Dare #44: my entry

Last weekend it was the Ludum Dare game jam: the idea is to create a game in one weekend on a given theme. Like in multiple of the previous editions, I took part in the event and spent my weekend working on shipping a game in 48 hours.

I already introduced you to the concept in my blog post about my entry for the 42nd edition. As a reminder, the rules of the Compo mode are quite strict: all the content must be created during the competition, including the images and the sound (the only exceptions are for the fonts and the game engine).

This post is a short explanation of my entry.

The theme: “your life is currency”

The theme is quite hard for the kind of game I want to create (I prefer to work on an interactive fiction instead of an actual game). The theme is thought for games with a health points system.

I explored ideas around organ trafficking, life time commerce, and in the end I chose a kind of dystopia where the lives of common people can be used by the powerful and wealthy too live longer. The idea of my story has multiple inspirations including the series Altered Carbon.

My goals for this edition

The main goal of this edition was to learn how to use Unity, a game engine that I had never used before. I have not even done tutorials so I lost a lot of time figuring out how to do what I wanted during the competition.

My other goal was an artistic one: create a game with its own visual style, and try to succeed at animating the character (my animations for my previous entry were pretty ugly).

I’m satisfied with what I learned from this experience, though I didn’t finish at all what I wanted to do, and I find my writing quite poor (written under pressure in the middle of the night with a pizza in JSON in my code editor, not the most inspiring context).

Try the game

If you want to try the game, you can find a release for both Linux and Windows and some instructions on the GitHub project:

The web page of the game on the competition website is:

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