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2019-03-11 21:57 - Events

Runners-up of the Irish Collegiate Programming Contest 2019

Since students from INSA Lyon, during their exchange year in Dublin, took part in the Irish Collegiate Programming Contest, it has been a tradition to send teams from INSA Lyon to participate in the Irish competition.

To finance the trip, the student society INSAlgo of which I am the chairperson organized two online programming contests for two recruiting events: the ShaKer (cf my blog post on october 21st), and the Forum Rhône-Alpes.

Last week-end, we traveled together to Cork, with the competitors that I selected with a small programming contest at my university. The contest lasted 4 hours, and my team (with Arthur and Sylvain) was on top of the scoreboard until it was frozen 1 hour before the end. A team from Dublin City University beat us in this last hour. Congratulations to them for this final sprint which gave them the victory in this tight race, congratulations to the organizers for the quality of these 10 exercises, of which we solved 7, and congratulations to the other team from INSA Lyon, Alexis and Stanley, who reached the 5th place!

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