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2018-12-19 02:09 - Flashback

Wappusymposium is TUT’s “event of the year 2018”

On April 22nd, 2018, Tampere University of Technology’s choir Teekkarikuoro partenered with the very talented big band Torvikopla for one of the greatest events of Wappu, the end-of-the-year 10-day-long student festival. We have just been awarded the title of “event of the year 2018” by the Student Union of TUT.

The concert

The concert was divided in three parts: we first sang a capella, then Torvikopla played 6 instrumental pieces, then we performed together. Most songs were arrangements of Finnish rock songs:

  • Risteys (Ismo Alanko)
  • Voi Kuinka Me Sinua Kaivataan (Eppu Normaali)
  • Vihreän joen rannalla (Eppu Normaali)
  • Avaruuden lapsia (Ultra Bra)
  • Hetki lyö (Kirka)
  • Musta Aurinko Nousee (Juice Leskinen)
  • Outoon valoon (Juice Leskinen)
  • Hengitä sisko (Juice Leskinen)
  • Rakastatko vielä kun on ilta (Tabula Rasa)
  • Playboy (Ossi Runne for Ann-Chistine Nyström, Eurovision 1966)
  • Seitsemän kertaa seitsemän (Danny)
  • Rokkikone (Popeda)
  • Peto on irti (Antti Tuisku)

I managed to get good quality recordings of two of the songs that we performed with Torvikopla, if you have a few minutes then have a listen:

The award

The Student Union attributed to Teekkarikuoro the “event of the year 2018” award:


Here is a translation of what’s written on the paper:

Event of the year

This year’s event was a spectacular musical breakthrough that combined traditional cultures and a renowned student community. The event gathers students from both Tampere universities and other people from the city, showing a good example for the whole new student community in Tampere.

Teekkarikuoro and Torvikopla’s Wappusymposium

The scholarship is a recognition of the work that has been done in 2018 for the teekkari community. The Student Union wants to encourage its active membership by giving scolarships annually.

This award brings me so many good memories. I miss Teekkarikuoro and Finland… but those were good times and I’m glad I had the chance to learn from these amazing artists!

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