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2018-11-28 18:47 - Technical

We pretended to be Big Brother

For a course about Distributed and Mobile Social Networks, we formed a group of 6 students to work on a project about the issues related to data collection from mobile services providers.

Our goal was to show that with simple anonymous geolocation data, it is possible to identify and profile users. We were given data collected for research and education on more than a hundred users (with their approval).

We describe the details of our work and our algorithms in the following document: project report.

If you don’t have time to check the document, here is a demo of our tool, with blurred coordinates in order to keep the data confidential:

>>> load 4
Got 1209727 points
Kept 2190 points
Computing points of interest...

>>> house
This person seems to sleep the more at : 45.xxxx 4.xxxx
And at : 4.xxxx
(WITHOUT DURATION : 4.xxxx and 45.xxxx 4.xxxx)

>>> workplace
This person seems to work at : 45.xxxx 4.xxxx
(WITHOUT DURATION : 45.xxxx 4.xxxx)

>>> frequent-places
1. apartments
2. residential
3. school
4. kindergarten
5. garages
6. parking
7. restaurant
8. sports_centre
9. gymnastics
10. playground

The cover picture of this article is a CC0 image from Pexels. The cover picture of the report is a poster in the 1956 movie 1984.

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