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2018-09-30 23:39 - Pencil strokes

Starting digital painting

In August I told you how I started drawing in order to learn digital painting. Despite very busy times, I moved forward to digital painting and began to learn a few notions, trying to find some time regularly to train. I’ll show you some of the work I did to improve my skills.

Brushwork, blending

In order to improve my brushwork, I used the exercises from Ctrl+Paint which I already told you about previously (no, this article isn’t sponsored haha). These are good exercises, e.g there’s one that consists in reproducing the given shapes and gradients:

Brushwork exercise

To learn blending, i.e the art of transitioning between colours or values, a good exercise is to take 3D shapes generated in a software like Sketchup, and make smoother transitions at the edges:

Blending exercise

Light and value

Another notion I started to learn is to work with value. It’s a quite complicated notion in the beginning, and my colour paintings without mastering value look flat, with bad contrast, just wrong. To get better working with value, I read one must take the time to work with grayscales instead of colour.

So I made studies, either from grayscales reference, or from colour reference (it’s a bit more challenging to find the right value). E.g I painted the following fruits from colour references:


A longer work for the end

I worked on a painting arranged from a grayscale reference picture of the Sydney Opera House. Here are a few pictures of the steps from a blank canvas to the final picture that I used as the cover picture of this article:

Steps of painting the Sydney Opera House

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