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2018-06-26 01:13 - General information

Welcome on my new devblog!

After having conceived and improved the code over the last 20 days (yep the website is homemade and open-source : the source code is available to anybody - cf link at the bottom), I’m proud to show you the result. It’s nothing to write home about, but there are some interesting features, that I will detail below.

Why this blog?

Because I create content, from miscellaneous pieces of code to complete projects and graphical creations, 3D models, texts and scripts.

So I find it interesting to have a place where to share this content. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you will probably find here:

  • introduction and progress of my projects
  • technical tutorials for different levels (popularization for beginners or articles meant for people with already some knowledge on the subject)
  • artistic creations, texts
  • miscellaneous research
  • opinions, recommendations, travels
  • etc…

For whom?

Everybody. Not only computer scientists. Some content will be intended for computer scientists but not everything, I promise! ;)

Your role here

You have probably noticed that the website has a system of users. Indeed, I want to let anyone the ability to participate and share their views, via a system of comments. However, to protect this space from spams and keep it relevant, I decided to require a simple authentication on the website with the confirmation of an email address, to post in this space.

Please make it a place where it is a pleasure for everyone to discuss and share their views. Messages that show disrespect to others will be arbitrarily deleted.


Bilingual content

If you’re reading this in English, you know why it is important to offer an English version of the website.

I don’t want to close this space to readers of my mother tongue, though. And I know some of them prefer to have this content available in French.

The comments space is shared because I don’t want a segregation there, so I hope you will not mind seeing a few comments in French there, that is the choice of the users of the website.

Internal search engine

On the blog page, a search icon allows to open a search engine which supports search by keywords and category. It is not a very smart search engine, so if you don’t type the text exactly how it appears in the title of the post you’re looking for, it will not appear. It is more intended to find content which title you know already, or filter content by category.

RSS feed

To subscribe to the RSS feed, simply click on the dedicated icon that appears on the blog homepage,or copy the link to paste it in your favorite feed reader.


The accounts system is oriented towards comments. The only mandatoory elements are a pseudonyme and an email address. The image is a bonus, if you don’t choose an image, an nice abstract image will be generated for you.


The website is thought to display well on both computers and smartphones or tablets. If you encounter any display problems, please file a bug.

Markdown formatting for comments

You can use nice formatting for comments with the Markdown syntax, see a reference manual.
Tables and code coloration are also supported with the same syntax as on GitHub .


This website is also a showcase for me on professional side with a CV. At the same time, it allows curious folks to learn who I am (if you can really get to know a person through a CV).

Conclusion of the post: this is only the beginning :)

Yeah ok that’s not really a conclusion then.

See you soon for other more interesting posts ;)

Cover picture: derivative work from a vector from Freepik.

nyri0 (2018-06-26 01:15)

Hey! This is a sample comment to show you how comments appear -and who I am.

Hey! Ceci est un exemple de commentaire pour montrer comment les commentaires apparaissent -et qui je suis.

. (2018-06-26 08:51)

Please add a link to a list of supported Markdown syntax, btw.

nyri0 (2018-06-29 21:23)

@MrPoint I added the supported Markdown syntax ;)

Darks (2018-07-01 23:36)

Chouette, flux ajouté à mon aggrégateur :)
Petite question, tu rédiges en français puis traduis, ou inversement ? ^^

nyri0 (2018-07-01 23:51)

Alors ça dépend, pour ce qui est du site, je l’écris en anglais et ensuite je fais des fiches de traduction, pour ce qui est du contenu il n’y a pas d’ordre pré-défini, j’ai fait le CV en anglais d’abord puis traduit, parce que je suis plus à l’aise avec le vocabulaire en anglais, mais pour l’instant j’ai écrit les articles en français d’abord.

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