Louis Sugy - Software Engineer

Professional Experience

Years Position Company, details
2019/- AI Developer Technology Engineer NVIDIA, Munich
2019 Software Engineer Intern Codeplay, Edinburgh
SYCL-BLAS performance (linear algebra on heterogeneous systems)
2018 Software Engineer Intern NVIDIA, Helsinki
Autonomous vehicles software sanity
2017 R&D Intern Dontnod Entertainment, Paris
Research on various technical subjects for the developers
2016/17 In-home tutor Complétude, Lyon
Tutoring in mathematics for high school students


Years Degree Institution, fields of study
2016/19 M. Eng INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Science), France
Software engineering, applied computer science
2017/18 Erasmus Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Software engineering, applied computer science
2014/16 CPGE La Martinière Monplaisir, France
Mathematics, physics, theoretical computer science



  • French: mother tongue
  • English: fluent (have studied and worked abroad)
  • German: conversational (B2 certification of Goethe Institut)

Hard skills

  • Software Engineering: software architectures, Agile methods, data modeling
  • Theoretical Computer Science: data structures, algorithms, concurrency theory, theory of computation, programming paradigms, graph theory
  • Computer Systems: networks, computer architecture, parallel computing, databases
  • Computer Applications: user interface design, web development
  • Computer Graphics and Imagery: graphics pipeline, image processing, virtual reality
  • Mathematics: algebra, geometry, topology, calculus, probability theory

Programming languages

  • Mastered: Python
  • Good level: C++
  • Projects in: Java, C#, Caml, JS, TypeScript
  • Notions: Ruby, Haskell, PHP, Curry, etc



Years Role, details
2018/19 Chairperson of INSAlgo
Preparing weekly courses about algorithms, and organizing programming contests
2016/19 Youth Leader
Activities and summer camps for 12-16 year-old teenagers
2018 International Tutor
Assist 5 new international students in their installation in Finland and at TUT
2013/16 Community Manager, Planète Casio
Website administration, community management, organization of contests


Years Description
2011/19 Video games
Game jams and misc projects. Both art and programming
2016 Rasterizer
On CPU, to understand how it works
2014/15 Smartphone apps
Downloaded +120 000 times
2010/13 Games and utilities for calculators
Adaptations and original games, misc. utilities

See some more projects on GitHub.


  • 2019: Irish Collegiate Programming Contest - 2nd team /48
  • 2017: Shaker Coding Battle - 9th /3090
  • 2014/17: Prologin - 4-time finalist, 22nd in 2017
  • 2016/17: Battle Dev - 10th /2030 in Nov. 2016, 25th /2306 in Mar. 2017, 30th /2490 in Nov. 2017


  • Creating games and interactive experiences
  • Story telling, whatever the media
  • Hiking, outdoor sports, swimming
  • Reading, watching movies and series, playing games
  • Traveling to discover new landscapes and people
  • Learning new things about history, geography, music, science, etc